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at long last you are within reach

choolwe says:

hi mary jane its gret to locate old tru friends like a high school teacher in kabwe zambia.cant wait to hear from u.

30 months ago

Elizabeth  says:

is that you l.phiri?what happenned to the ........

26 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

CHEP: <b>M</b>ary-<b>J</b>ane is everywhere. Ask Wiki, and he'll tell you. MJ is what takes Wikidemia to Cloud9. It seems that Wiki got stuck up there, ie Cloud9 with MJ, or maybe MJ is elsewhere right now, trying to get others to Cloud9 too :~)

<i>PS~ Mawiwawi's sometimes known as MJ [Mary-Jane]</i> according to Wikidemia :~)

29 months ago

Chepman  says:


29 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

Indeed, isn't it great?!

29 months ago

NAOM  says:

May be in zambia.

29 months ago

Chepman  says:

Where can we meet?

29 months ago
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