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What would you do?

Kc says:

Try to think if your home was on fire,... which five things would you save from burning and WHY??

29 months ago

Elizabeth  says:

oh la la

26 months ago

markD  says:

My money:so tht i recover th loss,my condoms:tht i dnt die of aids nw tht i have escaped fire!

29 months ago

Chepman  says:

Without a doubt I think I would save my Five common sense.

29 months ago

Asiyo  says:

Save my self; followed closely by any other human being inside; then my certificates and testimonials; then my identification documents and credit cards; then my clothings......
I'll give the reasons later :)

29 months ago

Kc  says:

Well I'm taking my time contemplating...

29 months ago
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