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Grace says:

Hi everyone from the class of 93,we having a re-union on the 10th of March starting at 4pm at the PINTS MAKUTI at Kahawa Sukari!We looking forward to meeting each other after such a LONG would be FUN if everyone tried to come!Spread the word!You can email me on or find me on FB!
We are so looking forward to having lots of fun.
Grace Wangui Njoroge

26 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

Class of 1993:

<b>WELCOME</b> to Grads Grace! You could <b>ALSO</b> place your message on <i>*YOUR*</i> <b>SCHOOL Message Boards</b>: as well as CHECK this post, as it could be of great interest to you:

26 months ago
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