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good old mambilima,formerly mtendere primary school

ignatius says:

any one belonging to class of 1988,grade seven d out there ?

25 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

<b>SEARCH</b> Link:

<b>HELP</b> Link:

25 months ago

;LéilaJx  says:

<b>WELCOME</b> to Grads Ignatius! You could <b>ALSO</b> place your message on <i>*YOUR*</i> <b>SCHOOL Message Board</b> as well as CHECK this post, as it could be of great interest to you [as a new member]:


<b>MAMBILIMA</b> [Formerly Mutendere]:

<b>MUTENDERE</b> Basic School:

25 months ago
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